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The Laurel Youth Police Academy (YPA) is designed to educate middle school students that live in Laurel area about the police department and how officers enforce local and state laws. The goal of the YPA is to create and develop a relationship with students and give them an opportunity to learn about the Laurel Police Department’s role in the community and the delivery of services it provides.
The curriculum includes both classroom and practical application. Some of the activities include:
  • Emergency Vehicle Driving – DATE simulator
  • Youth Vaping Prevention Program
  • Goals and Expectations of the LPD Cadet
  • Internet Safety and Cyber bullying Prevention
  • Criminal Investigations
  • Delaware Fire Marshal’s Office
  • Presentation by the Laurel Fire Department
  • K9 Demonstration
  • Core Values / Attention to Detail
  • Trauma Care

Academy Rules and Regulations

Jr PA Application (F)

Jr PA Disclaimer, Waiver of Liability Form

Jr PA FB Release Form

Jr PA Medical Waiver

Police Simulator Waiver

Catch My Breath Consent Form